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How to make straight hair wavy for guys

Are you having straight hair and want to have the little wavy? Don’t worry! There are so many numbers of tips and tricks available to make men’s hair wavy in an easier manner. Wavy hair for the guys will definitely look to chicky and stylish but only a few numbers of men have the wavy hair in natural. If you want to make your straight hair wavy, you should need to follow these steps. Here you will not only get tips for making your hair wavy but also get to know how to perfectly maintain them for a longer period.

make men's hair wavy

Steps to get wavy hair:

  • Rinsing & waving – It is a really very simplest method where you should need to wash the hairs using the good shampoo and then use the best conditioner. Before washing, you have to brush the hair because then only they get bodied and achieve lightness. Don’t go for too much shampooing and you should need to use shampoo once or twice a week to clean the hair. Once you got the wavy hair, don’t wash it again.
  • Using various cosmetic products – In order to get the wavy men hair, there are several cosmetic products available to use such as hair gels. After rinsing your hair, you can use hair gel to make the individual curls that will give you the messy sexy look. Similarly, you can also use hair oils, hair texturizer and curl enhancing shampoo.
  • Use curlers and rollers to make the waves – If the length of your hair is longer enough to make use of the rollers and curlers, you can use them to convert straight to wavy hair men in an easier manner.

All these methods are really perfect, easy and safe to use for attaining the desired wavy hair for any type of your outfit. And all of them will fit a DIY haircut technique

Hair gels are definitely the ultimate rescuer and can be used immediately after rinsing your hair. While using the hair gels or hair oils, first of all, you should need to look at the top-rated brands currently available in the market and compare their reviews in order to pick the right choice.


Forgetting the waves in guys’ hair, you can try all these mentioned methods and they are suitable for all types of men to get the curly hair and maintain them for the longest time.

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