Welcome To RF Tool Co

RF Wizard 2015 for Windows Desktop is a System of RF Design Tools and Calculators, which eliminates most of the complex calculation tasks associated with R.F.Design.

RF Wizard Operates with an Interactive, Wizard-style, Easy-to-Use Graphical User-Interface.

Central to the software is a powerful Smith Chart and Scattering Parameters-based, R.F. and Microwave Amplifier Design System which greatly simplifies the rf gain design phase of any rf design task via precise manipulation and adjustment of Input and Output Impedances.

Features and Functions:

  • Scattering/Noise Data input – Manual or Touchstone File
  • Stability Analysis
  • Small-Signal Narrow Band Design
  • Small-Signal Wide Band Design
  • Low-Noise Design
  • Power Amplifier Load-Line Design

In support of this System is a Collection of Tools and Calculators:

  • Impedance Transformer
  • Series ↔ Parallel Transformer
  • Impedance Matcher
  • PAD Designer
  • MicroStrip Stub Designer
  • BJT Common-Emitter Amplifier Designer
  • J-FET Common-Source Amplifier Designer
  • MOSFET Common-Source Amplifier Designer
  • General-purpose Complex Number Calculator
  • System Noise and 3rd Order IMD Calculator
  • Bit Error Rate vs Carrier-to-Noise Ratio Calculator
  • Reactance Calculator
  • Calculate Zo of MicroStrip track
  • Calculate Width of MicroStrip track

RF Wizard shortens design time from HOURS (or even DAYS), to a few minutes.