How to do a fade haircut by yourself

How to do a fade haircut by yourself

It surely is a tricky task to cut your own hair, especially in the cases when you do not have any kind of experience in this area.

If you still want to cut your own hair and not visit a salon for the same, the best option to go for is trying out the DIY fade haircut. This kind of haircut is easy to cut without having a professional certification, and it will look cool as well. It has been noticed that this kind of haircuts looks good on anyone.

If you feel that you can do more, go to the to find what alsehairstyles you can do by yourself

cut a fade haircut by yourself

How to cut your hair?

Cutting your hair might require you to pay more attention and be a little bit more focused than you usually are. That is why we have mentioned down a few rules in this article to helot you out with your Do it yourself haircut. You will get the best results with your hair if you follow these rules while cutting your own hair.

Things that you will need

If you have decided to cut a fade haircut by yourself, there are some of the equipment that you might need for the task.


  • A comb
  • A handheld mirror
  • A set of goof guards and clippers
  • An upright mirror or free standing mirror
  • A pair of barbers scissors
  • Some kind of thinning scissors


  • You need to make sure that you must have washed your hair recently in the last twenty-four hours. You must also have had used a good conditioner while washing your hair. this will make sure that you have hair that is easier and nicer to get done with.
  • You need to be a little bit conservative when beginning, this surely is the basic and first rule of barbering and will help you to get the right kind of results. in case you cut your hair too short, you will have to wait for it to grow back. But if you haven’t chopped off the length, there is always room for more trims.
  • You need to always keep in mind to check both of the sides if they are even or not. An asymmetrical haircut is a way that will garner the unwanted attention the way that you will not even want.
  • Cutting your own hair is not as simple as it seems especially around the trickier parts like neck portion. That is why we recommend you to ask for any kind of help that you can get. They might help you out with some guidance or a hand with the trickier parts.

You need to keep in mind while giving yourself a fade haircut that not everything needs to be perfect as every barber has its own ways to cut the hair and yours might be slightly different from the other ones. That is why we suggest you go for an easy and steady haircut. Also, you need to be patient while working with your hair.

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