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How can you quickly grow your longer hair?

Hair growth is very common in almost each and every man and woman but some of them obviously measure their hair growth results. Longer hair is a dream of several women and growing longer natural hair is their passion. For this purpose, they are always looking for the tips and ways to grow their hair long. If you have such idea of growing to hair, it is highly crucial to follow these tips and suggestions given by the hair experts in the medical field.

growing longer natural hair

Methods of growing hair faster:

In order to get the long natural hair, you have to make use of these methods such as,

  • You should need to massage coconut oil or olive oil on your scalp. At the same time, Jojoba oil and Argan oil are also the very good options for scalp lengths. When you are massaging your scalp using any one of these oils, it stimulates hair growth and you will get the longer hair naturally in the faster manner.
  • The ladies can also site down and bend your head in the forward direction actually hold it between your knees. Now, your head is hanging upside and site in this position for at least 4 minutes. During this 4 minutes time period, you have to gently massage your scalp to stimulate the hair growth. With this method, even the ladies without hair will get the hair grow in a year.

As you desire, you can wash and rinse the hair to remove the oil and repeat the same process continuously for 7 days. Then, give 3 weeks rest to your hair and scalp before doing this massage method again.

Results after massaging:

After doing this massaging process in this inversion method using coconut oil or any other oil, you have to measure the length of your hair at the weekend. When you have done it perfectly, you will surely get at least 5 cm length of hair every week. If you have got only a few cm length like 2 or 3 cm, you have to correct your scalp massaging process and do it well to get the quick hair growth per month.


Some ladies want to get the shoulder length hair and you can also do this same method for getting the perfect volume of hair along with the smooth and silky texture.

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