Haircuts for men Hightop

Tips to grow a hightop fade in men

The high top fade haircut is really very famous among the gents especially the teenagers who often want to get a high top fade to be stylish at all.

This particular hairstyle was very famous in the 1980s among the black men but now it is popular among almost all the guys to get an impressive look.

This technickrequires a huge experience and skills, unlike the low fade haircut

About the high top fade haircut:

hightop fade in menIt is actually a specialized haircut which can be done in the tightly curled hair and also kinky curly hair.

The men with the normal straight hair can’t get this high top fade hairstyle ever. The curly hair type and texture are only suitable to get it and the black men are mostly having the curly hairs. But is why this haircut is too famous for black men.

  • For getting the high top, your hair has to be very tightly curled because the hair will be cut and shaped so that it can perfectly stand up on its position. This is why the tight curly hair type and kinky curly hair type are the famous choices for the haircut a high top fade.
  • At the same time, there are huge varieties of the customization options available in this hairstyle as your preferences.
  • An individual can’t get it at your home but you should need to go to the barbershop to cut and shape this haircut creatively and also customized.

haircut a high top fadeOther information about high top fade haircut:

When considering the high top fade hairstyles, it usually comes in the range of various shapes and lengths according to the individual needs of the people. Customization is really very simpler and you have to tell your own preferences to the hair stylist while cutting your hair.

If you don’t have prior experience in getting this high top fade haircut, you can ask the barber to get the highly suitable one for you. They are using the several numbers of specialized hair styling products in order to get the high top fade haircut on the tight curly hair. 


After getting this hairstyle, proper maintenance is also very important to every person. When you have a high top fade hairstyle, you can make use of the best hair dryer in order to enhance the hair volume on the top but it is an optional hair product for this particular haircut for men.

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